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creepyday13 said: What about Kurloz and Kankri having littles grubs?

imageHappy Family

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Okay I think I ate too much sugar 

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I can feel someone jealous

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Anonymous said: If I understand correctly what you're asking is that, 4chan can't seem to freak out the homestuck fans because so many of us are already producing our own strange/dirty things.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha XD
This makes me proud
I don’t know why
But I’m proud

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Anonymous said: Something happened with Tumblr on 4chan and now 4chan is 'retaliating' by posting bad things like p*rn and gore in popular tags like feminism and usually happy things. As well as I've heard they've started photoshopping peoples selfies onto other p*rn images. Other rumours are circulating about what 4chan is planning next. Please stay safe and off the tags. <3

Thank you for your explanation
Then can I ask about homestuck?
What happened 4CH and homestuck and tumblr?

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I think I missed something
What happened 4CH and tumblr?

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I just found my previous works

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