Video 18 Sep 2 notes

I redo her makeup and use photoshop

Video 18 Sep 6 notes

I love doing doll clothes :)

Video 10 Sep 24 notes


Hello! OWO 

I’m open for commissions 

If you want a pic send me a e-mail to: 

or just ask me on tumblr (make sure let me know who are you)

And you can pay by PAYPAL in advance: (same email) 

The final work, I will send an email to you 


Video 9 Sep 13 notes

sugar sugar rune XD

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Photo 27 Aug 111 notes Angry sandwich 

Angry sandwich 

Photo 26 Aug 30 notes Quack


Photo 24 Aug 83 notes <3


Text 23 Aug

Anonymous said: What program did you use to animate ??

sai & photoshop 

Photo 22 Aug 15 notes You can also use plastic boxes ,sweet

You can also use plastic boxes ,sweet

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